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Mobile . Alabama

About Us

We have the experience, values, and vision needed for a trusted and reliable properties rental business

We started 251 Properties on January of 1997, with the purpose of building a portfolio of a variety of properties to rent in the Mobile area in Alabama. During these 20 years we have expanded with properties in the East Shore and beyond such as in Daphne, Foley and others. Properties cover a variety of locations, types and sizes.

John Stimpson incorporated the business and with other partners they have succesfully acquire and manage over a hundred properties, with the focus on renting them at a good price. They have a pool of business experience from starting and running several other business, knowledge and experience that gets passed to the offering of rentals at a great value backed by a serious, reliable and ethical business.

Our satisfaction is to see families, couples and single persons being able to live in a place with the assurance that they can trust their renter, which provides a stability needed at any stage of life.

We invite you to call or visit our office to learn more about who we are and how we run a properties rental business. Our manager Sandy Jarret will always welcome you, as well as any questions or suggestions that you may have.